Webcam for skype/msn, social website chatting (PC use) in Lorong 6 Toa Payoh, Northeast Singapore for sale

Webcam for skype/msn, social website chatting (PC use)

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Logitech Quickcam Sphere AF, incomplete ---- $50
Logitech Webcam Pro 9000 (V-U0009) ---- $50
Logitech Webcam Pro 9000 (V-UBM46) ---- $50
Lapmate 10X Super Camera ---- $30 (no need drivers) (retractable cable length good only for laptop)
MobileGear Webcam ---- $35 (no need drivers) (long USB length)
Logitech Quickcam Fusion (V-UAR33) ---- $35 (no need drivers) (long USB length)
Microsoft LifeCam VX-800 ---- $30
Microsoft LifeCam NX-6000 ---- $30
Microsoft LifeCam VX-1000 ---- $16
Creative WebCam Live Ultra for Notebook VF0070 ---- $13
Creative Webcam Vista VF0330 ---- $10
Aiptek pencam ultra capsule -- $8
Orite SC-120 Webcam ----- $8
Creative Qmax -- $8
Logitech Quickcam Express -- $8
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IP network camera
wireless routers: Dlink Linksys SMC Netgear Planex
wireless usb adaptors (54Mbps) for W-Fi
3G mobile HSDPA modem for telcos
Bluetooth headsets/headphones
GPS bluetooth receiver: BT-GPS
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Sms: 9six-7zero, 9nine-six2 . be specific . mention model
Time: try fit time you propose; but 3pm~7pm not always available
Deal location: Toa Payoh
==> (ST Microelectronics - Chung Hwa Chinese Clinic - HDB Hub/Interchange)
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