Raleigh USA bicycle Vintage Ladies bike in Lorong 6 Toa Payoh, Northeast Singapore for sale

Raleigh USA bicycle Vintage Ladies bike
Raleigh USA bicycle Vintage Ladies bike
Raleigh USA bicycle Vintage Ladies bike
Raleigh USA bicycle Vintage Ladies bike

Physical gears are 3x6
Shimano DeoreXT front and Shimano 200GS rear derailleurs
Alloy rims are marked 27 x 1-1/4-inch , 630 16DIN
Crank arms are marked FC-M10
Canti-lever brakes are marked BR-M651
Canti-lever braking system: The Rear Canti-lever braking system even has a small pulley roller wheel, unique!!
The seatpost is extraordinarily long; when pull and pull and pull,,,, have never seen such long seatpost before;
( the seattube measures at 48cm; can you imagine another 40cm or so of seatpost sliding up...,, just guessing it would seat a 190cm tall cyclist, )
Out of curiosity, tried fitting in a 700c wheel and the brake pads were able to grip at the rim's flat surface! Of course it should do better with finer brakepads clearance adjustments,
( Approximately, 27-inch rims measures 64cm in diameter (in fact ISO-630) ; 700c rims measures 63.3 cm in diameter (in fact ISO-622); quite close 8mm difference but not the same. )
This bike is road worthy and serviceable, You can do more to make it perfect looking.
( upfront info before you come to view: back wheel has a few loose spokes, some rust, and the smaller gear change has "jumped chain" when pedalling at times. )
--> already make better; replaced with similar pair of Araya 27 x 1-1/4inch with golden chrome still in very good shine to replace the set of old wheels mentioned above in the pics
--> added handle grips
Only for bike lovers who like a sleek-looking Chromoly steel frame bike for occasional ride and keep/display
Model C50
Made in Seattle
Sms: 9-six7,zero-9-nine-6,2
100% available; please mention "Raleigh USA 90's Vintage" when sms; pls say time you come.
View at Toa Payoh Library open space (postcode 319191)
as after each viewing take opportunity to wipe away any dust and oil the mechanism parts to prevent unchecked rusting