bike bicycle components: Scott Handlebar 67cm in Lorong 6 Toa Payoh, Northeast Singapore for sale


Scott Handlebar
length end-to-end 67cm
butted aluminium alloy
Handlebar: 67cm (with a slight curvature 20MM rise )
- diameter 1" (or 25.4mm) at the knurled bulge in the center stem mounting area
- diameter 7/8" (or 22.2mm) at handgrip ends
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------------------------ DEALING DETAILS ------------------------
------------------------ DEALING DETAILS ------------------------
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Sms: 96-seven.0,9-nine-6.2
Time: try fit time you propose; but 3pm~7pm not always available
Deal location: Toa Payoh
if by own transport ==> ST-Microelectronics Lorong 4 sidelane / Chung Hwa Chinese Medical (postcode 319521 , 319522 , 319191)
if by public commute ==> HDB-Hub/Bus/MRT Complex , postcode 310530